7 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Eharmony And Suggest You Don’t Use It

7 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Eharmony And Suggest You Don’t Use It

7 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Eharmony

After a few months of using Eharmony, I’ve discovered there are several issues I have with the Iamnaughty profile dating site. The main reason I don’t like Eharmony is because of the cost and the fact I have no control over searching for women.

In a previous blog post I discussed 10 Reasons Why I Hate Tinder and compared to Tinder, Eharmony isn’t necessarily a bad site. Before you choose to dive in and join Eharmony I’ve created a list of 7 of the main reasons I don’t like Eharmony which you should read.

1. Eharmony has a longer setup time.

When you signup for Eharmony you’ll notice the initial setup process is very similar to other dating sites. You’ll have load photos, write about yourself, share if you want kids, your education level and other similar things about yourself.

Fair enough. Eharmony expects you to be honest when you assess yourself however you slog through these questions and transition to questions like this:

Seriously? My interest in shopping? Not all questions are like this, but I want to see proof these questions matter. I answered these honestly and didn’t meet a lot of women who I considered good matches. In fact, I fared better meeting women who matched up with me on other dating sites like OkCupid and Tinder where I didn’t have to answer tons of questions like these.

So, either these questions don’t matter, women didn’t answer these questions honestly, or maybe I saw myself through rose-colored glasses when answering these and wasn’t aware I wasn’t honest about myself.

2. Eharmony gives you a daily “matches” limit.

Eharmony limits how many women you can contact each day. Once you scroll through your daily matches you’ll see a screen like this:

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