It’s what’s on the inside that counts

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Tinder is legit if you are a great looking guy looking for younger girls exclusively. If that doesn’t 100% describe you than AFF should be the first app you try. They have a free trial so you can check them out without any actual commitment from you (just what you’re looking for).

The meat of the site is what really matters. A site can have a totally bogus design, but I’ll recommend it if there are beautiful, single women to be met. Thankfully, WildBuddies looked a lot better once I got past the sign-up page. The blue and black layout was appealing, and there was an easily navigable search bar. It was dark in a cozy sort colombiancupid ekÅŸi of way, kind of like a well organized man cave. I could get used to it.

Once I navigated to a few of the women’s profiles, though, disappointment started to seep in. It was like biting into a sandwich and then finding out it’s just two slices of bread slapped together, no meat at all. I began suspecting there was no substance to WildBuddies.

Wild Buddies is not free

The immediate issue was that everything useful on this site was behind a paywall. I couldn’t view any member’s self-description or even view their profile picture at full size. When I got a message from a member, I tried to respond and it just took me straight to an upgrade page. How was I supposed to know whether or not I wanted to pay for a full membership if I couldn’t even see what I’m paying for?

Not all dating sites have to be free. There are plenty of legit sites that require payment or at least offer a higher tier for a fee. Read more