Do I wish we had more sex?

Do I wish we had more sex?

Yes, perhaps. But I understand that at this moment my role in her life is to support her as she works through the monumentous task of overcoming her demons.

It doesn’t happen overnight. There are times when she doesn’t even want to be touched. Or there are times when all she wants is to be held at night while she waits for the sleeping tablets to kick in.

Do I regret our relationship? Do I regret marrying her? Not at all. Because what she brings to my life, the joy and love and support in my own life… it far outweighs sex. Sex, for me, is an added bonus, and when it does happen, it’s amazing because the absolute trust is there and it becomes magical.

I love my wife, not sex. I love this woman I have chosen to spend my life with. I made a vow to stand by her through everything, and she to stand by me.

Thank you. I also needed to read this! I was feeling quite sad over the mis-match in the area of libido, but some of the reasons you mention are reasons in our relationship too. Read more