Mind City Berlin Ambassador: Dr. Hannia Bridg (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin)

Mind City Berlin Ambassador: Dr. Hannia Bridg (Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin)

Dr. Hannia Bridg holds a PhD through the HU Berlin and has now worked within the full life technology industry for several years. She presently supports educational and groups that are industrial Latin America to advertise regional solutions and setting up new areas for Germany.

Please explain your focus of research.

I was raised in Colombia and graduated through the Pontifical Xavierian University in Biology. We worked in Phytochemistry jobs, creating and validating technical removal processing from tropical and subtropical plants. My focus had been the removal of organic products and derivates, considered a source that is important of novelty substances for the growth of brand new medications.

We received my PhD level from the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. From then on, we went along to the SunGene a BASF Plant Science business and worked being a Laboratory Science Manager. The interest that is main of laboratory had been https://koreanbrides.net/ korean brides club the analysis of signalling paths concentrating on the phrase and differentiation of brand new flowers. We caused nucleic acid constructs, assembling vectors to market its phrase in transgenic flowers. A few vitro cloning techniques had been tested to facilitate the construct phrase ex vitro. The new plants went into production for fine chemicals, for foodstuffs, animal feed, seeds and pharmaceuticals after the quality testing.

Inside my profession, i’ve been confronted with different working worldwide surroundings, centering on manufacturing, advertising and product sales. In addition, i’ve qualified myself running a business economics and struggled to obtain the life technology industry supplying a remedy to end-customers. We have additionally represented German organizations such as for example Centogene AG in Latin America, where We started the medical hereditary diagnostic market and established the brand name with success, until nowadays. Throughout that time, We have attained simple tips to place a life that is german item in Latin America. I’ve great knowledge about how to go systematic tasks from the laboratory to your market, producing a company strategy and market innovation.

I’ve a passion that is great technology and life technology applications. We additionally have actually hands-on experience with the divulgation and promotion of tasks that answer biological concerns. I will be believing that educational and industry networking is essential to get solutions. Hence, i will be presently building the Bridg-Networking that will be A german consultancy business which has its own head office in Berlin. I will be focused on communication that is creating for scholastic research and industrial teams situated in Latin America and Germany. Also, i enjoy assist the biotechnology and life technology teams to simplify the strategy when entering a fresh market and determine the hurdles when searching for a partner that is innovative. We highly genuinely believe that brand new technologies and jobs must certanly be connected at a worldwide degree to generate solutions and see new values for a basis that is bilateral.

Just What cooperations does your quest take advantage of?

University and industrial research associates who’re searching for cross border lovers to advance in brand brand new implementations through collaboration, cooperation and coordination.

What’s the many exciting facet of your research?

Launching biotech and life technology scholastic and commercial teams from Latin America to Germany. Latin Amercia is an area full of normal resources and biodiversity which includes an excellent and considerable possibility of the development of revolutionary services and products together with growth of brand new procedures. The necessity of technology keeps growing in Latin America, new infrastructure has been implemented, universities and industrial research associated teams are developing revolutionary programs and emphasizing experiential learning. In my opinion that brand brand new technology improvements in Germany, in conjunction with the potential of technology from Latin America, can foster solutions supporting bioeconomical developments and available brand new markets that are sustainable.

Just exactly What do you like about living in Berlin?

I favor it is one of several money towns and cities in European countries, extremely international and safe. Berlin will offer the entire world in a package that is fine.

What advantages does Berlin offer when compared with other technology places?

Berlin is worldwide along with open-minded and provides you large amount of possibilities from training to focus. Technology is every-where and brand new organizations develop. Scientific studies are from the market, quality and leadership can be obtained on need.

What exactly is your advice to young adults that are enthusiastic about learning in Berlin?

I would say, “go ahead! ” Include extremely good English, speak German (for foreigners) and stay self- disciplined. Berlin provides a platform that is excellent empowers individuals to recognize their particular expert fantasies.

What type of development would you want when it comes to Berlin sciences?

I really hope that science in Berlin could be more active at a level that is international jobs should get a cross boundaries and achieve Latin America. Technology should bring nations together and develop commercial platforms to create novel working environments for boffins.

What type of development do you need to see within the town?

Keep because of the reactualization and modernization for the infrastructure.

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