Jordan Stevens: Leeds United midfielder given six-week FA ban for betting rule breaches

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Leeds’ Jordan Stevens has been prohibited from all football-related action for six weeks to get breaking Football Association gaming principles, a punishment his club has called”disproportionate”.
The midfielder admitted a charge of setting year to 59 stakes, five matches involving the Whites.
Stevens will be suspended until 10 and has been fined #1,200.
“We are hugely disappointed in the FA’s decision of sanction,” explained Leeds chief executive Angus Kinnear.
“To avoid a young footballer from participate in any football activities at this critical period of the profession is a disproportionate punishment following a foolish error from a young participant.
“We are particularly disappointed that the sanction was decided by two former professional footballers who we hoped could have had a better understanding of the effects of their decision.”
Since coming at Elland Road, has left a single appearance.
Even though an independent commission stated the 510.12 total staked was”modest” – using Stevens not playing any of the Leeds game he wager on – they said he revealed a”wilful disregard for the principles” by continuing to bet after an FA education demonstration, at which the rules were discussed.
The two of Stevens’ bets on Leeds – on both groups to score twice – were seen as the most severe, carrying a maximum”sporting sanction” of 12 weeks.
A comment statement from Rob Price, head of performance and medicine at the heart, said Stevens had”struggled to integrate himself” in Leeds, with focus on his issues with boredom, homesickness and stress.
“We will support Jordan during this procedure, he’s a young footballer who needs educating on the hazards of outside influences and how to conduct himself as a professional footballer,” the team added.
“As a team we believe that banning a 19-year-old footballer from even participating in training or interacting with all the club team is still an excessive punishment”
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