Cleveland Cavaliers

Vegas Over/Under: 53.5

The Record Projection: 55-27 of fromal The Bet: Over with confidence
The Cleveland Cavaliers are in an enviable position.
If the blockbuster deal goes through, they will have a point guard in Isaiah Thomas who’s coming off a year where he outperformed Kyrie Irving (with a considerable amount) during the regular season.
If the hip of the new acquisition remains problematic, LeBron James is going to be able to withstand more responsibilities, while Kevin Love and Jae Crowder team up to maintain the 2016 winners. Let’s not forget the impact of incorporating Ante Zizic as frontcourt depth, either.
If the trade is vetoed due to Thomas’ health, the Cavaliers will either soldier on with a malcontent Irving or locate a new taker for the point protector. In any circumstance, they’ll stay filled with talent.
This offseason will be deemed a failure if they can not find a huge return for Irving–along with the Thomas swap certainly qualifies as such–because fixing their main difficulty (defense) wasn’t just done with the additions of Derrick Rose, Jose Calderon and Jeff Green. But they could still score with aplomb, and that will make them favorites to win at least 54 games.
Because his era swells, james doesn’t seem to have declined whatsoever. Love loves chemistry than with his superstar teammate, and Tristan Thompson is advancing. It is 1 brimming over with talent, and nearly all of the pieces fit, although this might be an old roster.

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