Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch get brutal in the Hell In A Cell

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch took the brutality into a new level Within their Hell In A Cell match on Sunday night.

Once the pair squared off within the steel construction from Sacramento on Tuesday 23, the womens championship was on the line.
But title gold was just a part of what was in this violent match between two competitors whose contempt for each other was writ clear in recent weeks.
That enmity was twice underlined in ink at the Cell, in which the combatants took things to a new level in a competition which is one of peoples selections since the game of this year.
Kendo sticks chairs, ladders and a desk were put to great use as Lynch left nothing behind in their pursuit of the title and inventories – and the complete annihilation of the other.
The matchs outcome also suggests things are not over between both – click the video above to have a look at the most brutal moments from this bout!

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