European Leagues announce Champions League proposal

The best leagues of europe have announced a Champions League proposition which rejects radical changes needed by elite clubs.
UEFA have been working with the European Club Association (ECA) to a proposal to redesign the tournament from 2024, replacing it with a format comprising promotion and relegation that could mainly turn it into a closed contest.
It would mean locking in 24 of their existing 32 Champions League places as well as with eight-team bands giving clubs 14 games each that will ultimately squeeze dates for national leagues and cups.
However, that the 29-nation European Leagues group restricting teams, and says proposals include no new promotion or relegation involving Europa League and also the Champions League from 2024.
In addition they say Champions League admissions”must be based on eligibility from the domestic competitions” except for the winner retaining its location.
Though mostly supporting the status quothe leagues state they are”in favor of inventions [which ] contribute to the growth of professional football as a whole and not only for a very few.”
The consultation on potential changes of UEFA has thus far stalled while leagues and clubs are far apart from their suggestions.

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