Ranking Every Star’s Odds of Winning Men’s WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Briefcase

On May 19, eight Superstars will compete in this year’s men’s WWE Money in the Bank ladder match in the hopes to scale the ladder, recover the briefcase and procure a title shot which all but guarantees a near world championship reign.
Just as with all the women’s match, the men participating this year are all very talented, but they’re not equals in terms of their chances of winning.
Some have significantly better shots at getting the next Mr. Money in the Bank, while some haven’t reached noteworthy enough status for WWE to trust them together with chief occasion forces.
Since the area is set and the clock is moving toward the pay-per-view, let us take a look at the eight Superstars involved and rate their likelihood of winning include WWE Money in the Bank 2019.
The whole goal of an underdog is that they are viewed as not having much of a chance to win. Regrettably for Ali, that is his function in this match.
It’s not from the realm of possibility for a shock to happen and for somebody like Ali–an incredibly skilled performer–to find an out-of-this-world boost to his career just like a MITB win, however it’s extremely unlikely compared to the other options.
Ali has yet to hold a midcard or tag team name and was passed over for the Cruiserweight Championship, therefore WWE hasn’t just revealed it frees him with the responsibilities of being a true champion.
This year could be fantastic for him, especially as he would make a ideal intercontinental champion somewhere down the line, but that is out of his reach at the moment.
He’ll put on an impressive show in this match and may even steal the spotlight, but being the sleeper selection is not the ideal place to maintain.

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