Premier League release joint statement calling for action to be taken on piracy

The Premier League has joined calls for Saudi country satellite operator Arabsat to stop providing a stage to get a pirate community which is”abusing” game.
The system, known as beoutQ began streaming sporting events illegally and despite attempts by sport that the more piracy has continued.
A report by manufacturer protection firm MarkMonitor commissioned by lots of leagues and confederations says that a definitive link has been created between Arabsat and the network.
Arabsat has been set up in 1976 from the Arab League’s 21 members and has been headquartered in Saudi Arabia.
“The report affirms without doubt that beoutQ’s pirate broadcasts have been transmitted using satellite infrastructure owned and operated by Arabsat,” read a statement released jointly by FIFA, UEFA, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the Premier League, the Bundesliga, LaLiga, Serie A and also Ligue 1.
“We’ve been frustrated in our efforts to engage in an official copyright claim against beoutQ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and, while we have received reports which beoutQ transmissions are currently disrupted, we still call Arabsat and the rest of the satellite providers to cease (and going forward consent to extend from) providing a platform for piracy, that hurts not just legitimate licensees, enthusiasts and gamers but also the sports which it abuses.
“Cutting off its access to transmission services could be a significant step in the struggle to stop beoutQ. All of us, individually and collectively, stay committed to bringing an end to global sports piracy.”
The Saudi state and arabsat are approached to get a response by the Press Association news agency.
The UK and US authorities have spoken out from the operations of beoutQ, together with the chairman of this Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) choose committee Damian Collins formerly describing the network’s actions as”simple piracy” in May of this year.
Qatar-based beIn SPORTS is the broadcaster targeted at beoutQ. Saudi Arabia and qatar are involved in a dispute because 2017.

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