Academized Service Review.Academized has a wide selection of content present on their website.

Academized Service Review.Academized has a wide selection of content present on their website.

At first, most of the information seems accurate and complete, but searching further, we realized that the company’s strategy has a purpose that is different providing make it possible to its customers. Most of Academized’s websites content is useless. The company surreptitiously inserts keywords that are subtle their content to attract visitors to their site.

So that you can read everything on their website, customers would probably need significantly more than a couple of days. They lack structure and are disorganized when you look at the presentations. Unfortunately, clients would not have patience or time to go through every detail presented on Thus, the option that is only have left is reading Academized’s service reviews.

Key Features:

  • Quick and prompt communication
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Unfriendly website interface
  • Unspecialized writers
  • Average quality

Customers’ Reviews:

I had a tremendously experience that is negative Academized. Their customer service employee treated me nicely and respectfully, but unfortunately, the writer they assigned us to could not follow orders or focus on my needs. She acted independently without asking permission. Will not use this ongoing service again.

Carina Alvarez:

The is believed by me is hard to follow. I possibly could barely find the thing I was to locate; instead, I became distracted by most of the commercials that are useless random words posted on their webpage. The essay was ordered by me anyway but was disappointed aided by the results. A deadline had not been respected either. Usually do not recommend.

Website Usability

The incredibly high level of random content on Academized’s page causes it to be hard for customers to surf the internet site. Apart from that, there are not numerous things to complain about. Their webpage is easy and user-friendly to gain access to. Their content is decently organized, and instructions on how to contact them are unmistakeable enough.

Services Offered

Academized can really help students with thesis writing, dissertation writing, research papers, admission essays, editing, and proofreading. Besides that, the company states that they’ll “do the calculations for you too,” and therefore in addition they offer assistance with Math and Science assignments. We find it hard to believe that their writers are specialized in so fields that are many.

Usually, writing companies offer students assistance with their writing assignments only, so we wouldn’t normally recommend trusting their other Science-help services. In reality, their ‘too-wide variety’ of services makes us question their proficiency in content writing.

Academized’s prices are not too bad. One of several company’s distinct features is that it offers numerous discounts for the customers. For the first 15 or maybe more pages ordered, clients will get 5% off, for 50 or higher they get 10% off, and for over 100 pages, they are able to get fully up to 15% off the price that is initial. Significantly more than that, if you order a paper the very first time, they provide another 15% discount.

Unfortunately, the ongoing service will not specify in the event that discounts add up, so clients could possibly get confused: are they getting only 15% off, 20%, 25%, or 30% respectively? Confusion among customers wouldn’t be a nagging problem if contacting i need to write a paper could be quick and easy– but it is not. We tried calling their office three times in a row and nobody picked up.

Customer Support

After a careful summary of customer services, we asked ourselves the following question: how are customers designed to contact Academized quickly and effectively? We were disappointed to find no clear answer. As mentioned before, although they have a phone number available on their site, their response rate is slow. Same is true of their Live Chat – we waited a time that is long our request was processed.

In the side that is bright when checking their e-mail response rate, we found out that Academized is prompt and easily reachable. Their customer support assistant was kind and pleasant to keep in touch with, as well as very helpful and mindful of our needs. He had been in a position to provide us with all the necessary details and he responded to most of our questions.

Academized has a wide range of options to select from. They feature proofreading services, essay writing, dissertations, editing, plus some other services which do not be seemingly within the expertise of a writer without a PhD diploma.

To evaluate writing services, we ordered an 8-page long laboratory research paper for an undergraduate level. Because the topic was purposefully demanding, a deadline was chosen by us of 3 days for completion. Our writer had not been communicative and prompt, therefore we did not know where our paper stands. We were not walked through the creational process, therefore we did not know what to expect. We had been concerned which our writer shall not respect the deadline (which he didn’t).

The paper turned out to be much better than expected, but that only because we were literally expecting the worse. A minus that is big responsibility and communication.

As mentioned earlier, the paper turned out much better than expected for obvious reasons. Getting no responses from our writer, we believed that the quality that is paper’s suffer – and it also did. Lack of communication resulted in numerous mistakes throughout the paper. We were not satisfied with the content.

The thing that is good that there have been no grammar or spelling mistakes. The phrasing was constructed oddly. We have been not certain that our writer was a English that is proficient speaker. He lacked structure and quality content.


In general, communication was one of the greatest problems we had with Academized. Although their employees is friendly, the organization has a response that is slow, which can compromise its services. Unspecialized writers can also easily damage Academized’s reputation. Our paper quality had not been met, but we considered it better than expected.

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